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Silver motor warranty cover

Silver cover

The silver motor warranty cover is for vehicles of any age or mileage.

Within your silver motor warranty, the following components are covered against mechanical breakdown failure or electrical/electronic failure:

What’s covered?


All major internal moving parts of the engine and the camshaft timing belt / timing chain and tensioners, providing the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and it is free from oil contamination.

Manual / auto gearbox & transmission

All major internal mechanical parts.

Drive system

Differential, drive shafts, propshafts, centre bearings, CV and universal joints, bearings & couplings.


Centre plate, pressure plate, release bearing, ring gear, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch pedal and cable.


Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, servo, brake pumps, limiter valve, ABS pump, actuator & modulator, calipers, vacuum pump and brake pedal.


Steering rack and pinion, steering box, pump, idler box, column joints & bearings, pressure pipes, track rod ends and steering column (excludes electric locks and ECU).

Cooling system

Air con pump, radiator, heater matrix, heater fan motor, water pump, viscous cooling fan coupling and thermostat & housing.


Shock absorbers & coil springs (replaced in pairs), wishbones, McPherson struts, suspension arms, leaf springs, track control arms & linkages, self levelling units, anti-roll bar, reservoir pump & regulator valves, kingpins and ball & swivel joints.


Starter motor / solenoid, alternator, ECU (engine only), voltage regulator, ignition coil, distributor, electronic ignition amplifier, indicator relay, wiper & washer motors, window and sunroof motors, heater fan motor, horn, alarm control unit, cruise control actuator & control unit, central locking solenoids and switches.

Fuel system

Fuel pump, injection pump, lift pump, air flow meter, EGR valve, idle control valve.

Wheel bearings

Front and rear bearings.

Hybrid / EV

Electric motor, electric controller, AC/DC converter.


Casings, where a covered item caused the damage.

Working materials

As part of a valid repair (oils, antifreeze, fluids, oil filter changes, gaskets & seals).

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